Why choose Hôpitel as your hospital's provider of patient systems for Infotainment, Communication Services, Health Education, and other Interactive Hospitality applications and solutions?

Hôpitel understands the needs of your hospital and your patients, both young and old.
Hôpitel has been serving hospitals and patients throughout Canada providing quality infotainment programming, state of the art communications, health education systems and interactive hospitality solutions for over 40 years.

Hôpitel is constantly innovating with new technologies and applications that ensure the services provided to patients and the hospital are second to none.

Wide Range of Acquisition Options for Technology Systems
Hôpitel provides agreements for hospitals to acquire technology systems tailored to suit all hospital types and situations which include:
  • Self-Financing
  • Rental
  • Direct Purchase
  • Finance Plans
Recognized Experts in the Industry
  • Hôpitel is a national organization firmly focused on patient and hospital services to Canadian hospitals.
  • Hôpitel currently supplies systems and services to over 50 major hospitals throughout Canada providing hospital administrators the security of dealing with one of Canada's largest suppliers.
Scalable Cloud/Local Controller Based Topologies with Built-in Diagnostics
Hôpitel designs flexible and scalable system topologies to meet the needs of your hospital and your patients with an industry exclusive topology that includes both cloud and local controller based system technologies with built-in self-diagnostics and a fail-safe standalone mode that ensure services will always be delivered to the bedside.

This topology methodology yields significant benefits to your hospital by way of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging set of services being offered in the marketplace all of which can be made available through a self-financing plan.

Advantages of the Hopitel System Topology include:
  • Significant Capital Cost savings
    • - Large server and rack not required - Reduction of server sprawl
  • Lower Operational Costs
    • - Reduced maintenance - Reduced computing costs
  • No Need to Engage Hospital IT Department to
    • - Administrate or support software interfaces and hardware - Manage security - Manage anti-virus
  • Compliance
    • - Privacy Legislation compliant - HIPAA compliant Microsoft® Azure cloud platform - Payment Card Industry Compliant on standards for chargeable transactions
  • Lower Service Costs
    • - Simplified (quicker) installation - Fewer components to service - Shorter servicing times (TV Media Terminals are easily swapped)
  • Higher Availability and Security
    • - TV Terminals & Controller Watchdog self-diagnostics providing a more reliable and robust system - Microsoft® Azure cloud services guarantee 99% availability - Increased security
  • Greater Functionality
    • - Updates or new optional services become immediately available to all facilities - Easy access to manage health education media library - Certain services can be made available to out-patients
Access to Infotainment, Communication Services, Health Education, and other Interactive Hospitality applications on a 24/7 basis
Hôpitel uses a proven management system which encompasses self-rental and automated processes that deliver patient-centric services to the patient's bedside by ensuring:
  • Self-Rental equipped TV Media Terminals ensures patients have access to patient-centric services on a 24/7 basis (where available.)
  • Call Center via remote activation ensures patients have access to patient-centric services on an 13/7 basis (where available.)
  • Self-rental reservation website service an industry exclusive ensures patients have easy access to order patient-centric services on an 24/7 basis
  • All Bedside Agents visit all bed locations daily to identify patient rental needs, arrange rental payment, rental collections and provide instruction in the use of the equipment.
  • All TV Media Terminals and Telephones at empty beds are left ready for use.

"Hôpitel's commitment and responsibility to the hospital community at large stems from our dedication to providing a well-managed and well-organized employee network delivering products and services at peak efficiencies to hospitals, patients and caregivers. Integrity matters in everything we do, and that includes the policies and practices that guide us on how we operate."