Patientel™ Networks has formed strategic partnerships with leading content providers in the patient Health Education content industry such as; Milner Fenwick®, HealthNuts Media®, Injoy®, Pre & Post Op®, Nucleus® and MedCalm® etc. amassing the most comprehensive Cloud based health education media library available today in the industry. This health education media library currently boasts over 2000 relevant and up to date health educational videos accessible in English, in addition to a rapidly growing content collection of Spanish and French.

The PatientLogix™ Health Education Media Library provides timely, efficient and effective enterprise media library management services, complete with easy-to-use media library tools and management functionality via its PatientLogix™ Authoring Tool. These transformative media library services remove information and media access barriers at the enterprise level and seamlessly make health education media access effortless for any healthcare organization. The result is a process of open authenticated access throughout the healthcare facility or organization to informational and media resources to support the organization’s patient health education programs and enhancing its ability to deliver health education media content to its patients in a modern workforce environment throughout its patients end points: hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and the patients’ home.


  • Efficient and accessible delivery of media library services to hospitals, clinics, physician offices and the patient’s home
  • Improved media access increases patient and hospital user satisfaction and decreases preventable readmissions to hospitals
  • Media library processes more streamlined and less costly to manage and deliver
  • Media’s library’s ability to update, revise, and or add to their video content offerings instantaneously
  • Media’s library’s ability to provide scalability for future growth of the Media Library Eco-system
Furthermore, the PatientLogix Media Studio will provide nurse educators in participating hospitals with the opportunity to share and submit peer-reviews on the media content itself. As with any content review system, the best and most viewed content will always migrate to the top of the content list. As the service is made available to more hospitals, and exponentially grows, it will empower more nurse educators to efficiently glean the data from the peer-reviews to optimize their Health Education video selections; thereby always providing their patients with a superior Health Education product both for in hospital and home use.