Satisfaction Surveys - Hospitals

In today's online world, word travels quickly, especially when that word is negative, thus doctors and hospitals are not immune to the ire of negative publicity. Therefore, it is critical for healthcare institutions to have an internal process in which they can evaluate patient satisfaction levels prior to patients being discharged from the hospital.

The PatientLogix Media Studio can be configured to administer and securely deliver Patient Satisfaction Surveys (PSS) to patients through either the hospital in-room Telephone or in-room TV media Terminal storing the data in a SQL database to be called upon for reporting purposes.

The PSS assists hospitals in yielding patient satisfaction levels in measuring all aspects of patient care such as; technical quality, pain management, communication (explanations of care), interpersonal manner (courtesy and respect), discharge planning and health education, environment, time spent with doctor (frequency of visitation from caregivers), accessibility of care (responsiveness of care from caregivers), financial aspects of care, overall impression of healthcare facility etc.

With the PatientLogix system, patients have the option to either submit the PSS with their contact information included or anonymously. Moreover, the anonymity feature is important, as it promotes honesty and patients will not feel intimidated nor fear retribution based on their answers. It’s also important for the hospital to create its PSS questions centered on the expected behaviors of the patients and hospital staff, in order for the healthcare facility to yield precise information about what to change and what to keep doing.

The best time to conduct a Patient Satisfaction Survey is when the experience is fresh in the patients' mind prior to them being discharged from the hospital. If a hospital waits to conduct a survey after the patient is discharged via a mailer to the home, or an online survey from the home, the patients' responses may be less accurate as they may have forgotten some of the details or they may choose to forgo to participate in the survey all together.

Acquiring PSS results prior to a patient’s discharge in combination with the reporting features of the PatientLogix™ system provides a healthcare facility with the opportunity to intervene before a patient is discharged in the event there is negative feedback. The PSS process enables the hospital to effectively and quickly take corrective measures to rectify the situation; moreover, the survey will provide insight to the hospital on their personnel and whether their work practices and personalities match the customer service vision of the healthcare facility. Ultimately, attention will be given to operations and patient services will be improved upon.

Healthcare institutions utilizing the PatientLogix system will be empowered to be pro-active and will be capable of focusing in on healthcare provider responsibility and patient satisfaction; all of which can assist them in meeting governmental compliance standards, maintain their healthcare services at peak performance with quality assessments and surveys which will ultimately result in improving care processes and better outcomes for patients.

Satisfaction Surveys - Hôpitel

The PSS assists Hôpitel in yielding patient satisfaction levels in measuring all aspects of its costumer service and in its delivery of all its media services. These surveys available to patients and patient family members in the patient room on the Hôpitel Footwall and Bedside TV Media Terminals which have assisted Hôpitel in optimizing its solution and as result has yielded over 90% satisfaction rates.

Hôpitel utilizes patient feedback and adheres to its customer service principles to always endeavor to achieve 100% satisfaction rates.