The PatientLogix Media Studio Delivery System provides a cost-effective means of delivering important Health Educational media to patients. The system although cost-effective, provides features typically found in more complex and costly solutions.

PatientLogix Media Studio Scheduled, On-Demand, Prescribed, and its Anywhere Access Home and Smart Phone platforms are modular, interoperable can deliver services through existing infrastructures and are completely scalable. All platforms can be managed independently or managed as a group, by one or several administrators, in one facility or throughout multiple facilities via PatientLogix’s cloud based Authoring Tool technologies.

PatientLogix’s built-in efficiencies and unique flexible topologies are empowering healthcare institutions to easily deploy any educational solution platform where they are most needed throughout their organization. The modular and interoperability characteristics of the PatientLogix’s cloud based technology enables them to deploy one PatientLogix platform partially within a hospital and or clinic, while other areas in the same facility use other PatientLogix’s platform solutions.

The PatientLogix Media Studio is setting the standard for Patient Engagement and Patient Education systems while natively and exponentially reducing on-going costs for health institutions. Security & Privacy Security and privacy officers and hospital administrators can be rest assured that PatientLogix Media Studio incorporates security practices both at the cloud and application platform layers to enhance security and privacy for all unique data that is generated by any healthcare institution through any one of PatientLogix platforms as an integral part of our product and service life cycle.

In all cases patient names and or personal health information is never aggregated and or stored on the PatientLogix Media Studio database platforms. At all times only, anonymous data is stored in a SQL database that can be easily accessed by authorized hospital personnel only for reporting purposes. At no time is patient privacy or confidential medical records at risk of being compromised.

The PatientLogix Medio Studio suite of products are Cloud-based solutions residing on Microsoft®Azure’s HIPAA secure Canadian cloud platform for Canadian Hospitals and its US cloud platform for US hospitals, that run in geographically dispersed datacenters that comply with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005, for security and reliability and provide best practices in security, privacy policies and procedures.