The PatientLogix Media Studio Health Education Authoring Tool can be configured to administer and securely deliver patient health education media and follow-up questionnaires to patients through a hospital in-room Telephone or Cell Phone, in-room TV Media Terminal or through a hospital wireless network utilizing a Tablet storing the data in a SQL database to be called upon for reporting purposes.

As this powerful health education Authoring Tool is Cloud based it can be easily accessed through an authenticated secure portal from any location within or outside a hospital facility. Its comprehensive Media Management, User Management, Reporting and Support tools empowers hospital personnel to distribute health education media from the PatientLogix Media Studio’s health Education video library which currently boasts over 2000 relevant and up to date health educational videos accessible in English, in addition to a rapidly growing content collection of Spanish and French videos.

The health education Authoring Tool’s user-friendly drag and drop GUI interface provides an intuitive environment that simplifies the management of the media and enables easy and efficient browsing and assigning of the health education media content. Based on the PatientLogix subscription rights acquired by the healthcare facility the assignment of the health education media can be processed individually or by groups, with or without follow-up questionnaires in the On-Demand or Schedule Guides or Prescriptively catered to a specific patient, to a specific group of patient types or to specific hospital wards.


  • Multi-Facility - Enables users to manage multiple facilities from one access point.
  • User Management - Manage user information.
  • Facility Login - An authorized user can login from authenticated facility with an access code.
  • Multi-Language User Interface - Display content in a specific language.
  • Media Manager - Manage the videos assigned to one or several facilities and restrict educational content using flags.
  • Role Manager - Manage the user roles.
  • Label Manager - Manage the content displayed on the site.
  • Advanced Media Scheduler - Enable users to copy schedules to multiple facilities within their hospital group.
  • Alert Manager - Send email and or text alert from follow-up questionnaire reports.
  • Security - Authentication & Authorization, HTTPS secure traffic user security & website security best practices.
  • Video On-Demand Guide - Patients have an on-screen guide that shows the videos they can watch.
  • Prescribe Videos - Medical staff can prescribe educational videos for patients.
  • Advanced Reports - Filter reports using advanced criteria and export data in other formats i.e.: excel, XML etc. Customized reports price upon request.
  • Media Usage Report - Shows statistics about videos.