Affordable Patient Rental Rates
Hôpitel has structured its rental service rates to ensure that they are affordable to all patients. A descending discount scale is used to provide lower rental rates the longer the patient uses the service and multiple rental services are bundled and offered at reduced rates. Hôpitel rental fees offer excellent value for the patients, families and or friends using the services. The rental fees are only payable from the time the patient confirms their intention to use the service.

Customer Service
Where instant access services are unavailable our friendly well-trained Bedside Agents provide customer service in a professional manner at all times. When visiting patients, they utilize a specially designed cart equipped with spare TV Media Terminals, telephones, earpieces, headphones, hard drives and rental receipts to provide the spare TV Media Terminal and telephone rental service. This process ensures that the management of the services, including the issuing of receipts, takes place where it is most convenient; at the patient`s bedside. Additionally, all Bedside Agents are trained to provide clear, easy to follow instructions in the full use of the spare TV Media Terminal and Telephone systems ensuring that the infotainment and communication services does not consume any hospital staff time.

Quality Staff-The Key to Customer Service
Professional staffing provides a professional quality service. Hôpitel personnel are selected, trained and supervised to provide a professional service at all times. Hôpitel is committed to providing quality customer service and has developed a range of internal processes to ensure that our personnel are competent to deliver the services they provide. The Hôpitel staff is screened and selected based on their ability to meet very specific criteria which include:
  • Ability to communicate with and have empathy for the needs of sick people
  • Ability to handle cash, debit and credit card payments
Staff Training
The comprehensive Hôpitel training process includes: staff training on procedures, processes and equipment initially at our training center and then on the job training in the hospital with the regional supervisors. Hôpitel training programs also focus on: maintaining patient dignity; understanding and following hospital procedures, policy and protocol; representing Hôpitel in a professional manner at all times; neat presentation in company uniform with ID badge; system maintenance and service reporting supervision. Hôpitel regional supervisors provide regular supervision and support of the rental Bedside Agents. All staff under-go regular formal and informal performance reviews.

Hôpitel has a highly qualified and experienced management team focused on providing quality patient services. Based on 40 years of experience in providing services to over 50 hospitals throughout Canada, Hôpitel has developed and implemented appropriate systems to ensure successful service delivery day after day, year after year.

Hôpitel uses a Mobile Telephone, Paging, Internet, and Intranet communications systems to ensure all Bedside Agents and service technicians have daily contact with our rental offices for informational updates and a quick response to any messages left for them.

Patient-Focused Service & Empowerment
Hôpitel’s technology services for patients in hospitals can include a wide range of Infotainment, Communication Services, Health Education, and other Interactive Hospitality applications that keep patients informed, occupied and safe, and reduce the demands on nursing staff which can lead to quicker recovery times.

"Hôpitel, in combination with our network of business partners and strategic alliances, delivers comprehensive services and well integrated processes that will help any healthcare organization achieve an extremely high level of efficiency which not only empowers and enhances patient's hospital experience but also maximizes the value and accessibility of the human resources of the health care facility."