- PATIENTlOGIX™ Blog Trends in Healthcare Preventable Patient Readmission
A $1.8 Billion Dollar Problem. While patients are unhappy when hospital re-admittance is required, the cost and strain that readmittance puts on our medical institutions are acute. A study from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) found that, “more than 180,000 Canadians were readmitted to acute care,” and that “nearly 1 in 10 acute care patients returned to the ED (emergency department) within seven days of hospital discharge.” This is not a Canadian problem alone. Similar research exists in the US, APAC and EMEA.

- PATIENTlOGIX™ Availability of Health Education Media Services in Cloud Enables Patients to Access Education
“Microsoft Azure has allowed us to quickly scale our platform and services, helping to fuel our growth. Today we can easily deploy our services in different regions of the world in a flexible, cost-effective manner.” – Gary Schneider President, Hôpitel, Patientel Networks.

- HEALTH ACHEIVE Awards HÔPITEL "Best New Exhibit Space Award"
Hôpitel's exhibit space at HealthAchieve 2016 won the "Best New Exhibit Space Award" in the 15th Annual Exhibitor Awards. The "Best New Exhibit Space" award is a special honour identifying your organization's products and services as the "best of the best". The Exhibitor Awards recognizes excellence in exhibit space design, product display and customer relations on the part of the exhibit personnel.

- PATIENTlOGIX™ A Push for Better Health Education
In a world of globalized information, a demand from the part of the general population to engage in healthcare is unsurprisingly a growing trend. It is only natural that this tendency will see a continuous growth and dissemination.


Press Releases

- HÔPITEL Press Release: PATIENTlOGIX™ Anywhere Access Cloud Based Health Education Media Launch
“The introduction of Anywhere Access on Azure has the potential to be transformative to evolving patient education efforts ", said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure. " With Anywhere Access, caregivers now have a productive and cost-effective way of delivering care at all touchpoints in the healthcare continuum."

- HÔPITEL Press Release: HÔPITEL Healthcare Advertising Network Launch
This industry exclusive advertising network provides a high value proposition to Hospitals and advertisers by providing access to a private network for the distribution of advertising content that reaches a captive audience and key demographics that are intricately involved in the purchasing of healthcare products and related services inclusive of: patients, patient family members, clinicians, nurses and doctors all within the Healthcare Eco-System.

- HÔPITEL Press Release: PATIENTLOGIX™ Social Media Health Network Launch
This vertical social media patient health network will specialize in healthcare, encompassing a global approach to the healthcare marketplace for all types of users which may include everyday health conscious users, patients, family members, medical practitioners, clinicians, care givers, nurse educators, content contributors, hospitals, clinics, alternative complimentary medicine practitioners, support groups and related services.

- HÔPITEL Press Release: MUHC Hospitals Awards HÔPITEL Patient TV Media System Contract

- HÔPITEL Press Release: MONTREAL HEART INSTITUTE Hospital Awards HÔPITEL Patient TV Media System Contract

- HÔPITEL Press Release: CHARLES LEMOYNE Hospital Awards HÔPITEL Patient TV Media System Contract

- HÔPITEL Press Release: THREE RIVERS Hospital Awards HÔPITEL Patient TV Media System Contract

- HÔPITEL Press Release: DRUMMONDVILLE Hospital Awards HÔPITEL Patient TV Media System Contract

- HÔPITEL Press Release: NYGH Hospital Affirms Hopitel Patient TV Media System for Critical Care Unit

- HÔPITEL Press Release: Du Haut Richelieu Hospital Awards HÔPITEL Patient TV Media System Contract

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