** The PatientLogix Anywhere Access Media Delivery System provides the ultimate in patient accessibility for Health Education media delivery. This system utilizes narrow-casting prescriptive processes which enables doctors and clinicians to deliver prescribed Health Educational media directly to the patient’s computer, tablet or smart phone in a compelling video format. Follow-up Questionnaires, Patient Satisfaction Surveys and a wide range of other patient Health Education applications that the system delivers can drive patient comprehension and satisfaction to their highest levels with the right content, to the right patient, wherever that patient may be, at any time.

How it Works

Since PatientLogix™ is a Cloud based system, the patient can continue their education once discharged from the hospital or begin their education orientation prior to arriving to the hospital for a scheduled procedure in their home, or anywhere where the patient has access to the internet utilizing a unique PatientLogix™ ID number.

1. The Patient ID number can be printed out by the clinician and given to the patient in a credit card format to be referenced and conveniently used for future visits to thehospital, clinic, doctor’s office or the patient’s home.

The access to Health Education from outside the hospital or clinic for patients will likely decrease the influx of a substantial portion of them flowing back into the healthcare system by helping to reduce the “preventable re-admissions” and the enormous costs associated with them.

2. When a patient has been prescribed a video, it is assigned to their specifc PatientLogix User ID number. This ensures only the patient to whom the video has been prescribed to can view that video on their personal computer or media device.

3. Both the Follow-Up Questionnaire and the Patient Satisfaction Survey are also assigned to their specifc PatientLogix User ID number making the navigation for the patient to answer the questions as simple as clicking through or pressing a number on the screen to reply to the questionnaires and or surveys.

4. In the Media Manager section of the Authoring Tool there is a feature that enables the administrator of the system to select specific videos for a particular patient, perhaps based on the doctor’s request.

Once completed, the system will prompt the patient on there devices via an email notification or on an in-application message that there is a video that has been prescribed for the patient to watch or a survey to be taken.

Additionally, the system tracks if the video was watched, report different statistics on comprehension levels and completion of videos watched. The hospital can undertake measures to continue to improve its educational service and improve patient satisfaction equipped with this data.

5. Reporting on comprehension levels can be focussed on a specific patient or patients who actually viewed the video.


The PatientLogix Prescriptive Media Delivery System is a Cloud-based solution, where data is stored in a SQL database which can be easily accessed by authorized personnel for reporting purposes. The system although cost-effective, provides features typically found in more complex and costly solutions. At no time is patient privacy at risk of being compromised as personal patient information is never stored in the PatientLogix™ system and the anonymous data stored on the PatientLogix Cloud is compliant to HIPAA standards and procedures via the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.


The PatientLogix Media Studio Cloud-based platform inclusive of the On-Demand, Prescribed, Mobile and Anywhere Access modules also eliminates the cost of keeping storage devices and expensive servers in the hospital or clinics premises. As well, when content providers request PatientLogix™ add, update or make changes to their video content, or when the PatientLogix™ software is updated with new features, they all immediately become available to PatientLogix™ subscribers without the need to call IT human resources to perform.


Prescribed Videos with Follow-Up Questionnaires - Prescribe health education videos to patients pre- and post hospital stay
Prescribed Surveys - Prescribe surveys to patients pre- and post hospital stay
Notification Feeds - Easy access and home page view with pop-up notifications to new or uncompleted video and survey prescriptions, follow-up questionnaires, doctors' appointments and medication reminders
Facilities - Access to hospital and or clinic coordinates and care giver contact information
History - Access to all video and survey prescriptions and follow-up questionnaires
Rate a Video - Patient's video rating feature enables clinicians to access patient's opinion of the quality and effectiveness of health education video content
Social Media Health Network Patient Forums – PatientLogix Social Media Health Network provides patients the ability to share and post their health stories and experiences, discuss their issues and read how other patients manage their medical issues benefiting patients that are facing the same diseases or upcoming medical procedures
Mobile Messaging - Email communications to and from Nurse/Doctor and patient (TBA)
Calendaring - Doctor Appointments and Medication Reminders (TBA)
Invite a Family Member - Provide read only access for family members to assist patients remotely in their PatientLogix account (TBA)
Clinician Mobile Phone Prescriptions - 5 click Clinician prescriptions (TBA)
Wearable Devices - Monitoring, capturing and transmitting continuous vital signs data to hospitals or clinics (TBA)
Equipment - Due to this application being based entirely on cloud technology, no equipment is required from the health facility.
Windows® 10 Native - Patientel Networks is now pleased to announce the availability of the company's “Anywhere Access” web-based portal enabling patients, their families, and medical practitioners to access the complete PatientLogix Media Studio from any remote location (home, work, clinic) via digital devices; PC, Tablet, Windows® 10 (native) via Microsoft® Azure.

** This feature is subject to acquired PatientLogix(tm) Home Media Delivery subscription rights.