Hôpitel designs, engineers, supports and installs Coaxial Cable, CAT-5/6, Ethernet, Closed Circuit, Wi-Fi, Telephone and VOIP systems and networks for the HealthCare industry. Hôpitel’s well trained and experienced on staff engineers, installers, and software programmers continually ensure only the highest levels of efficiency, service and support throughout the 50 plus hospitals we service across Canada, in all segments of our technical and service related departments.

Hôpitel has developed a “Smart Coaxial Media Distribution System” which enables hospitals to distribute many types of media, communications and data bi-directionally throughout their institution`s existing coaxial distribution system meeting and or exceeding the performance of IP solution based networks. This media and data includes Broadcast Cable TV programming, PC based multi-media programming, Internet, On-Demand TV/Movies/Music/Radio, Games, Clinical Data and a variety of other interactive communications with both a multitude of features and functionality. These services are delivered right to the bedside or any other desired locale within the hospital. Our coaxial distribution networks deliver scalability, and reliability from existing coaxial hospital distribution infrastructures thereby saving the hospital time and money in renewal costs for new network installations.

The Hôpitel “Smart Coaxial Media Distribution Systems” can distribute or interconnect media between several devices simultaneously. The system modulates different media (Internet data, voice-over-IP packets, or IP video streams) into different portions of the coaxial spectrum. Because the coaxial cable is shielded and RF channels are virtually free from the effects of interfering signals, coaxial cable provides a large information pipe that can distribute multiple wide radio frequency channels throughout the hospital.