Hôpitel Inc. and Patientel Networks Corp., Hôpitel’s US affiliate, is pleased to announce its newly launched PatientLogix “Social Media Health Network.

PatientLogix is a user-friendly, free subscription-based Social Media Health Network available to all types of users. This vertical social media patient health network www.patientlogix.com specializes in healthcare and health wellness, encompassing a global approach to the healthcare marketplace for all types of users. Its the only social media health network dedicated to empowering people to learn more about their health, healthcare and well-being!

Our mission is to bring together a community desiring to exchange information on health and healthcare topics and matters. This emerging community will include everyday health conscious users, patients, healthcare professionals, advocates and organizations from many touchpoints within the healthcare eco-system such as:

Everyday Health Conscious Users
Patient Family Members
Care Givers
Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare Institutions
Medical Centers
Home Healthcare Agencies
Health Education Media Providers
Health Consultants
Digital Health Evangelists
Alternative Complimentary Medicine Practitioners
Wellness Practitioners
Healthcare Companies
Medical Practitioners
Health Educators
Fitness Trainers
Life Coaches
Motivational Speakers
Patientlogix benefits all its community members by providing the ability to collaborate, share and post through its interactive health centric social media platform:
  • Personal healthcare and wellness stories, experiences, knowledge and resources with other community members assisting them to better manage same diseases, disorders or upcoming medical procedures they are facing
  • All types of healthcare information, health education, general health awareness and new and innovative healthcare technologies and wellness methodologies
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