Partners in Healthcare Advertising Program

Hôpitel’s “Partners in Healthcare” initiative has been to continually strive to create new and innovative ways of generating additional revenues and increasing efficiencies for Hospitals and their Foundations. Hôpitel’s industry exclusive advertising program yields more revenues back to the hospitals.

The Hôpitel advertising solution provides advertisers with the ability to advertise on different media platforms providing a high value proposition for hospitals.


1. Can reach key demographics within the healthcare eco-system that are high value to corporate advertisers

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Doctors offices
2. Access to captive client base of healthcare stakeholders within the Patient Care Continuum:

  • Patients (home or work)
  • Patient family members
  • Doctors, Nurses, Clinicians
3. Thousands of screens and media devices made available to patients both inside and outside the hospital environment
4. Generate additional revenues for Hospitals and their Foundations
5. Media Types: Videos, Animations, PowerPoint, Static
6. Tens of thousands of clients in Canadian Hospitals

Advertising on a Variety of Different Platforms

1. Patient Rooms Footwall & Bedside TV Media Terminals
2. Patient and family members web education health portal home / work
3. Patient clinics, waiting rooms, signage displays