Hôpitel’s Professional Services has the knowledge, experience and skillsets to assist your healthcare organization in its design, implementation, optimization and management of its Bedside and Footwall Patient TV Media Terminal Systems and their related applications and services.

These Professional Services include:

1. Finance
    I.    Cost-Neutral, Self-Financing
    II.   Leasing
2. Software
    I.    Development
    II.   Customization
    III.  Cloud computing
    IV.  Licensing
3. Maintenance
    I.    Hardware & Software - Service Level Agreements
    II.   Call Centre - Technical
    III.  On-site Technicians
4. IT Engineering
    I.    Networks (Ethernet, Coaxial, Wireless)
    II.   Hardware (PBTs, PFTs, servers, cloud computing, routers etc.)
5. Customer Support
    I.     Call Center - Patients
    II.    Bedside Agent - Patients
    III.   Hardware Systems Training – Hospital
    IV.   Software Systems Training – Hospital
    V.    Health Education Systems Training - Hospital
    VI.   Marketing Services- Hospital
6. Content Management
    I.    Broadcast TV
    II.   On-Demand TV
    III.  On-Demand Movies
    IV.   Internet
    V.    Relaxation Videos
    VI.   Health Education Videos
    VII.  Internet Content Filtering
7. Reporting
    I.    KPIs
    II.   Health Education
    III.  Surveys
8. Customer Relations
    I.    Hospital stakeholders
    II.   Patients
    III.  Patient Family Members
9. Installation

10. Advertising