The Centralized Management Application (CMA) facilitates automated processes to provision and configure Hôpitel systems and services and the capability to create and manage server and user privileges, authentication, content/price/facility management and security within the Hôpitel hosting environment. The centralized approach to monitoring, managing, and reducing cost and effort of operations is far more efficient than by using local user accounts in each hospital facility.

The CMA provides one central remote website access point for Hôpitel Call Center Agents, Bedside Agents, Technical Support Agents and Hôpitel System Administrators to manage, maintain and support all the self-rental media services and media terminals enabling:

  • Dashboard Views
    • Total Rented Services
    • Terminal Technical Issues
    • Version Histories
  • Facility Management
  • Content Management
  • Price Management
  • Transactions Management
    • Process credit card transactions
  • Media Services Management
    • Activate, Renew, Deactivate
    • Transfer, Hold, cancel
  • Sales Inventory Management
  • Advertisement Content Management
  • Role/User Management
  • Updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monitor services activities and transactions
  • Custom reports