Meditel and PatientLogix Media Studio is setting the standard for Patient Engagement and Patient Education systems while natively and exponentially reducing on-going costs for health institutions.

The PatientLogix Cloud based Media Studio On-Demand, Prescribed, Enhanced, Tablet, Home and Smart Phone platforms are modular, interoperable can deliver media services through existing infrastructures and are completely scalable. All platforms can be managed independently or managed as a group, by one or several administrators, in one facility or throughout multiple facilities via PatientLogix’s cloud based Authoring Tool technologies. PatientLogix’s built-in efficiencies and unique flexible topologies will empower the HOSPITAL to easily deliver any educational media where it’s most needed throughout their healthcare facilities. The modular and interoperability characteristics of the Meditel and PatientLogix’s cloud based technology will enable the hospital to deliver health education media with follow up comprehension questionnaires and satisfaction surveys to patient’s in-patient rooms on the in-room Footwall and Bedside Touchscreen TV Media Terminals and in clinics via wireless tablets.

The same cloud based platform enables Hôpitel to manage and deliver specific entertainment media and information to a group of patients or a specific patient providing a highly customizable and streamlined patient engagement solution. Hôpitel hosts and stores hospital health educational media content on the PatientLogix cloud platform that will be used for patient education. Content to be provided by the HOSPITAL. *Education content not included

Local or Cloud Based SQL Server

With Hôpitel’s Meditel Media Studio solution, Hôpitel has the option of installing only one local SQL server in the hospital or can install the SQL server in the cloud and be 100% cloud based. The SQL server operates the Hôpitel CENTRALISED MANAGEMENT APPLICATION (CMA) which manages transactions of rental services, activations, de-activation of services, payment processes, system configurations, content management, system analysis, watchdog diagnostics for online, maintenance features for technical support, failover backup pathway to the cloud etc. Typically, Hopitel installs one SQL server in the hospital locally in order to facilitate a redundancy in its ability to continue to render services in the event of an internet failure via the CMS.

Secure Management Access via Cloud Platform

1. Secure Multi-Facility Management from One Cloud Access Point (24/7/365)
Manage all patient media delivery i.e.: Education, comprehension questionnaires, surveys, dietary meal plans etc. content for the hospital from one access point.

2. Secure Multi-Point Accessibility (24/7/365)

    1. Patient rooms
    2. Family rooms, treatment rooms and lounges
    3. Clinics
    4. Physician offices
    5. Signage endpoints
    6. **Patient home
3. Secure Interface Integration of HOSPITAL Centric Applications (Optional)

    1. ADT - System provides the ability to interface to the HOSPITAL ADT system to automatically track, transfer, suspend and terminate patient services based on the HOSPITAL ADT real time communication patient status
    2. EMR – System provides the ability to interface to HOSPITAL Electronic Medical records for clinicians and or doctors to review medical records with patients at Bedside on bedside TV Media terminals.
    3. Dietary - System provides the ability to interface to HOSPITAL dietary system to provide patients an electronic food menu for their in-room meals displayed directly on the TV Media terminal to provide patients the ability to order customized meals from the HOSPITAL dietary department. (Application will require the integration of the ADT)
    4. Bed Management - System provides the ability to interface to the HOSPITAL housekeeping system to provide a bed status and maintenance management application that keeps track of whether housekeeping and maintenance services has completed preparing a bed to receive a patient and to provide maintenance requests in real-time
4. Secure Transmission of Notifications and Alerts for Patients and Clinicians

    1. Doctors and clinicians can notify patients of prescribed educational media content, follow-up comprehension questionnaires and surveys
    2. Patients can notify and request clinicians for remedial assistance with education
    3. HOSPITALs can notify patients of marketing and fund-raising campaigns, internal HOSPITAL notices etc.
    4. Hôpitel can notify patients of up-coming entertainment events and other new media releases

**This feature is subject to acquired PatientLogix™ Home Media Delivery subscription rights.