Hôpitel continually strives to help create new and innovative ways of generating additional revenues and increasing efficiencies for hospitals and their foundations. Another example of how Hôpitel can accomplish this objective is by supplying a low cost digital signage solution to hospitals enabling them to broadcast hospital information, educational programming and advertising content into high density common areas throughout the hospital.

Hôpitel can facilitate this service economically by utilizing a low cost multimedia software management solution developed by Hôpitel integrated into the existing Hôpitel network thereby eliminating the need to install a separate LAN network to redistribute the content to the signage LCD screens throughout the hospital. The system would can broadcast any Media Player, MPEG, PowerPoint or similar type media presentation and could be programmed to be recurrent, scheduled by week or on a specific day.

Additionally, Hôpitel also has the unique ability to broaden the viewership of the content by redistributing it directly to the patient rooms on a pre-designated Marquee Channel on the TV Media Terminal thereby providing the hospital with one easy to manage the platform for all third party advertisements, educational programming and hospital bulletin information for patients, caregivers, and hospital personnel within their institution.

Digital Signage Locations

  • Lobby Areas
  • Cafeterias
  • Elevator Entrance Bulletin Boards
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Patient Room Marquee Channels