Hôpitel offers technical support, services and resources in installation, engineering and system integration to hospitals throughout Canada. This support involves TV Media Terminals and Distribution Systems repair, network distribution management, design and maintenance through our technical services department 365 days a year. Providing accurate, timely information and results on technical services for patients and our hospital partners is the highest priority we have.

Hôpitel has developed strong relationships with our suppliers for over 40 years. These long-standing relationships have enabled Hôpitel to provide only the highest level of service efficiency to hospitals. Hôpitel achieves these efficiencies by way of extensive bilateral cooperation and communication in factory training of Hôpitel personnel in both service and system integration, and the manufacturing process and customization of equipment to meet Hôpitel’s required specifications for the healthcare market.

Additionally, Hôpitel’s qualified and experienced technicians undergo regular training to ensure they are knowledgeable and up to date with the latest technologies. Hôpitel always maintains an extensive stock of spare parts and system components to facilitate rapid repairs or replacements, and if necessary, has experienced service personnel available to effect repairs with firsthand knowledge of our systems to ensure minimum downtime. Our technical services department’s internal goals are customer satisfaction through teamwork. As well, Hôpitel always tries to accommodate any special needs or technical requests a hospital may have including data confidentiality.

System Monitoring, Self-Diagnostics & Email Notifications
System monitoring ensures all TV Media terminals at empty beds are left ready for use. Hôpitel meets the needs of all the hospitals we service, and offer fast, quality repair service with available network system diagnostics. Hôpitel has developed an industry exclusive automated diagnostic technology that can be implemented within our TV/Media/Communications & Data distribution system to analyze and report on the performance of the operating parameters of the TV Terminals, cable and data signals utilizing wireless tablets.

Since the Hôpitel system is intelligent it processes an application that monitors the IP network and devices at all times. If a communication error is encountered with a device or the network, an email notification is sent to the Hôpitel technical support team where the issue is typically corrected remotely and is transparent to the user. If the service issue cannot be remedied remotely a technician is dispatched during business hours to correct the problem on siteThis diagnostic application helps prevent equipment and signal failures, and in the event, they do occur, they are reported and attended to in the shortest possible time.

Systems Maintenance
During the term of the management contract between Hôpitel and the Hospital, Hôpitel is responsible for maintaining the patient entertainment system as per the SLA covenants to ensure the full functionality of the TV Media Terminals and its related services and applications will be available for use. However, specific programs and optional maintenance contracts can be set up, depending on the corporate and clinical applications that the institution wishes to integrate, which requires certain features, and which define responsibilities between the parties.